Tillmann Terbuyken

Context Colour
Group exhibition at Polarraum in Hamburg
21 June 2021
The project Context Colour shows "colour" as a subject and a sujet of contemporary art. In the diffuse field of a phenomenon that pervades not only art but also the entire extra-artistic everyday life, Context Colour presents artistic positions in which "colour" is the main conceptual actor. In accordance with the plurality of current art production, Context Colour does not want to set up a thesis on the current manifestation of "colour", but to open up a field for differentiated observations and discoveries on the basis of the diversity of the selected positions.

Exhibition: 26. June – 31. July 2021

Curated by: Elisabeth Sonneck & Heike Kelter

Artists: Wolfgang Ganter, Julia Gruner, Heike Kelter, Paul Schwer, David Semper, Elisabeth Sonneck, Tillmann Terbuyken
Cabinet at Galerie im Marstall Ahrensburg (G)
09 December 2020
Tillmann Terbuyken's solo exhibition Cabinet at Galerie im Marstall Ahrensburg (D) takes place from March 21 through May 9, 2021.
New Artist Edition: Cabinet
19 April 2021
On the occasion of his solo exhibition at Galerie im Marstall Ahrensburg, Tillmann Terbuyken published an artist book (edition of 30) including a text by Lily Wittenburg and with contributions from the collections of Jochen Lempert, Axel Heil / fluid archives and Dirk Meinzer.

Published by The Books The Books, Hamburg.