New in the Collection of Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf
26 October 2023 — Ilse Henin
Ilse Henin's most recent drawings series from 2022/23 shown in the group exhibition "Die unhintergehbare Verflechtung aller Leben" at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf is now part of the Collection Museum Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf.
Artocène Contemporary Arts Festival in Chamonix
11 June 2023 — Alexandra Leykauf
Alexandra Leykauf participates in the third edition of Artocène, Contemporary Arts Festival in Chamonix (France).
At Musée Alpin, Leykauf realises her site specific photographic installation "Mer de Glace" (2023) with enlarged reproductions of paintings of glaciers around Chamonix composed with images from her studio.
The Artocène Festival takes place from 11. June until 23. July on various locations in Chamonix-Montblancs under the title "Horizon of the Void". On the iconic site the festival brings together architecture and contemporary art to create a dialogue with the alpine landscape, symbol of a fragile and moving nature.
Die unhintergehbare Verflechtung aller Leben at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf
25 May 2023 — Ilse Henin
Starting from more than 70 presented works by Ilse Henin, the exhibition weaves a net to the five younger, contemporary positions. The works are united by the interweaving of supposedly classical motifs read as feminine, but they have all developed them into completely different subjects.

"Femininity" as a motif is placed in a contemporary context. The woman is no longer a beautiful accessory or projection surface of the male gaze, but the main figure and identity bearer of the work. Women, as individual figures, in groups or as part of a family or tribe, stand up for themselves and for all they represent. They are strong, self-determined heroes of a new narrative of femininity, aware of their position. At the same time, classical notions of femininity and masculinity are questioned.

With: Keltie Ferris / Ilse Henin / Hayv Kahraman / Gisela McDaniel / Soraya Sharghi / Emma Talbot

24. June – 17. September 2023
Alle Farben fixieren chromosomale Glieder at Kunsthalle Lingen (11.03.–7.05.2023)
11 March 2023 — Tillmann Terbuyken
Kunsthalle Lingen presents a multigenerational group exhibition with the poetic title All Colours Fix Chromosomal Limbs. It is based on a verse from the poem Colors without Objects (1965) by the US poet and author May Swenson, which depicts the play of colour afterimages that appear on the retina for a brief moment when the eyes are closed.

In terms of form and content, the focus is on colours as structural elements for cosmologies and processes of artistic world creation. Starting with the works of two artists who have been using colour to systematise their view of the world artistically since the 1970s - Stano Filko (1938-2015 Bratislava) and Matt Mullican (*1951 Santa Monica) - the curators Meike Behm and Pia-Marie Remmers have invited other artists to illuminate the phenomenon of colour symbolism in their works in different ways: Diana Barbosa Gil, Ryan Gander, Ana Jotta, Johanna Odersky and Tillmann Terbuyken.

Curated by Pia-Marie Remmers and Meike Behm.

25 November 2022 — Lily Wittenburg

–Donnerstag, 1.12.2022 // 16.00h - 20.00h
–Freitag 2.12.2022 // 15.00h - 19.00h
–Freitag 2.12.2022 // 20.00h Karaoke & Vorführung (öffentlich)

//The workshop can be held in english if required//

Der Workshop ist offen für alle Altersgruppen, Disziplinen und Arbeitsbereiche. Wir heißen die Amateure, die Arbeitslosen, die Faulenzer, die Überehrgeizigen und alle Menschen, die jemals von der Zermahlungs-Kultur betroffen waren, willkommen. Wir werden Stimmungen kultivieren, nach einem zeitgenössischen Äquivalent zum Holzschuh des Saboteurs suchen, uns der »protestantischen« Arbeitsethik unserer Eltern widmen und mit Mitteln des automatischen Schreibens, des automatischen Sprechens, des Karaoke-Singens und Holzhackens uns ausruhen.

Anmeldungen bitte bis zum 29.11.2022 per
Solo Exhibition "Through the Window" at Tel Aviv Museum for Contemporary Art
22 November 2022 — Hilla Toony Navok
Hilla Toony Navok is the recipient of the Rappaport Prize for a Promising Israeli Artist and realizes an extensive solo exhibition including three new video works, sculptures, installations and drawings at

The exhibition "Through the Window" is curated by Anat Danon Sivan with the assistance of Avi Gross and opens on Monday, 28. November 2022 at Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Art Cologne 2022 Collaborations with Ilse Henin & Alexandra Leykauf
13 November 2022 — Ilse Henin
We are delighted to show recent drawings by Ilse Henin and photographic works by Alexandra Leykauf in the Collaborations section of this year's Art Cologne.

You find us in Hall 11.2 at Booth A-310.
We are happy to see you.
27 October 2022 — Daniel Laufer
A film program curated by Kalin Lindena & Daniel Laufer

With films by Keren Cytter, Lucile Desamory, Forum DCCA (Fabian Bechtle und Leon Kahane), Hilla Toony Navok, Karen Russo, Kim Schoen, Maya Schweizer, Markus Selg

The program starts at 17:00h.
New edition available: Stoneage Campfire (2022)
24 August 2022 — Alexandra Leykauf
For her new edition, Alexandra Leykauf arranged stones on black paper and sprayed them with white chalk spray, whose many small pigment dots resemble a printing grid. The scene was then photographed in black and white and printed on red neon paper. Background and foreground are reversed as soon as the black background is applied to the colorful paper and the previously foregrounded chalk spray appears only in its absence.
Alexandra Leykauf has also imagined personified objects in this work: Beings seated in an assembly that appears to have a fire or light bounding them in their midst, or else are illuminated from above. Imagination may create possible occasions for this gathering. In the end, Stoneage Campfire remains, through negative inversion, an image of something unprecedented in form (Text: GAK Bremen)
N A T U R. Group exhibition at Kunsthalle Schlieren (10.07.–07.08.2022)
09 July 2022 — Lily Wittenburg
To the subject, to the ego, nature is only NOT–ME, Schelling remarked some 200 years ago. Nature is a world of appearances, a supersensible substance form – a non-image. And perhaps we are more closely connected to the invisible than to the visible. The system of nature is at the same time the system of our spirit. The spiritual world is elastic and constantly changing like a mysterious day. Natural philosophy is visible world spirit and loves to hide. Finally, the artist B.J.BLume stated in a 1982 drawing: "Pure reason is green". Let us hope that the empirical reason and intuition of the world that has gone off the rails today, in the Kunsthalle Schlieren is neither merely "green" nor "properly pure". In this sense, predominantly conceptual works, different dimensions of the experience of nature in the fields of photography, sculpture and painting can be seen in the current exhibition Nature. From experiment – to sensation – to contemplation – to reflection. (Text: Kunsthalle Schlieren)

Curated by Peter Lynen and Ingrid Scherr

10. July – 7. August 2022
Die Grosse Kunstausstellung NRW. Group exhibition at Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf (12.06.–17.07.2022)
09 June 2022 — Dragutin Banic
For the annual exhibition Die Grosse Kunstausstellung, Dragutin Banic installed backyard comedy in the public space of Düsseldorf, at Ehrenhof. The connection of his sculptural work with the surrounding environment underlines Banics narrative of absurd situations and the humor being inherent of our live.
The Vibration of Things: 15. Triennale Kleinplastik Fellbach
09 June 2022 — Simone Gilges
"The vibration of things" is curated by Elke aus dem Moore in close collaboration with Memory Biwa, Antje Majewski, Gabriel Rossell Santillán. The exhibition is on view until 3. October 2022.
Performance by Lily Wittenburg & Krõõt Juurak at Kunstverein Freiburg
06 May 2022 — Lily Wittenburg
"Selbstsabotage" – A performative situation by Lily Wittenburg & Krõõt Juurak on the occasion of the group exhibition "Und dann waberte uns der Boden entgegen".

Group exhibition 'Und dann waberte uns der Boden entgegen' at Kunstverein Freiburg (09.04.–22.05.2022)
04 April 2022 — Lily Wittenburg
The exhibition is a collaboration with Kunstverein Langenhagen. It developed out of regular exchanges between the participating artists as well as staff members of the two institutions.
In blended roles and to varying degrees by Heinrich Dietz, Michael Dobrindt, prep gúrrugu, Krõõt Juurak, Henri Michaux, Sybil Montet, Alessandro Pignocchi, Theresa Rößler, survival sissi, Sebastian Stein, Lily Wittenburg and more.
Group exhibition Mimicry–Empathy at "Friche la Belle de Mai" in Marseille
06 May 2022 — Alexandra Leykauf
Fræme is pleased to invite artist Susanne Bürner to present a group exhibition at Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille, bringing together the work of 18 international artists and designers. An evolving form of the Mimicry–Empathy project initiated in 2018 at Lajevardi Foundation in Tehran, the exhibition addresses and questions the emotionally fragile realms of mimicry as a survival strategy.

On view until 5. June 2022
Group exhibition "Revenge" at Jewish Museum Frankfurt
04 April 2022 — Daniel Laufer
Daniel Laufer's presents his new film "Revenge" in the extensive exhibition "Revenge. History and Fantasy" at Jewish Museum Frankfurt. In the commissioned project, the roles have been interpreted and merge into one another, f.e. the Bear Jew from Inglorious Basterds is female while also embodying Lilith from 'Rachel Rising'.

Exhibition: 18. March – 17. July 2022
What We Do in the Shadows at Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen
05 January 2022 — Alexandra Leykauf
From different viewpoints, Alexandra Leykauf and Dominik Styk in their two-person exhibition address perspectives and proportions while questioning the expectations and positions of the viewers. Within each artist’s practice, one grounded in photography and the other in sculpture, the eye and body become entangled. It is neither about the image nor the object itself, rather about how they can be approached, and the hierarchies, projections and desires that become revealed or shifted therein. (Excerpt from the press text)

The exhibition is curated by GAK's new director Annette Hans and runs until 15. May 2022.
Quirin Bäumler at after the butcher, Berlin
16 February 2022 — Quirin Bäumler
after the butcher - showroom for contemporary art and social issues cordially invites you to the exhibition of Quirin Bäumler, Isabelle Fein und Selou Sowe.

The opening reception takes place on
Friday, 18. February, from 7pm.

Exhibition: 19. February - 27. March 2022

after the butcher is open by appointment:
+49 (0)178 3298 106
Group exhibition 'Auf ins KAFF כפר' at Syker Vorwerk – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst
19 November 2021 — Daniel Laufer
The exhibition was curated by Nicole Giese-Kroner and Elianna Renner with works by Hadas Amster, Daniel Laufer, Dana Levy, Michaela Melián, Sala-Manca and Ali Shrago-Spechler. Besides his well known multimedia installation "Redux" (2014), Daniel Laufer shows a new, site-specific video installation entitled "The Garden".
Michaela Meise & Markues: Your Horizon Has Limits Even Holes at Scherben, Berlin
19 November 2021 — Michaela Meise
Michaela Meise and Markues present their cultural and painted works in a phantastic dialogue in this two-person exhibition. Part of the exhibition is a lecture of selected texts by both artists taking place on Sunday, 21. November 2021.
Solo Exhibition Waiting for the sun at Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art
16 July 2021 — Hilla Toony Navok
Hilla Toony Navok is the recipient of the 2020 Discount Artistic Encouragement Award at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art.

On this occasion the museum presents the solo exhibition Waiting for the sun with new works of the artist, curated by Aya Lurie.

Exhibition: 31. July – 20. November 2021
Video Portrait on Hilla Toony Navok
19 July 2021 — Hilla Toony Navok
This short film about Hilla Toony Navok, a multi-disciplinary artist, was commissioned by Fireflies Project, an initiative by Vered Gadish, to represent young artists, and expand the influence, accessibility, and presence of regional art in the broader global community.

Produced by Sternthal Books.
Edited and Directed by Ian Sternthal, 2020.
Group exhibition: Wir stolperten den Hügel hinab und begegneten einer Form at Kunstverein Langenhagen
26 August 2021 — Lily Wittenburg
In mixed roles and varying degrees with
Heinrich Dietz, Michael Dobrindt, Henri Michaux, Sybil Montet, Alessandro Pignocchi, Theresa Rößler, Lea Schürmann, Sebastian Stein, Lily Wittenburg and others.

1. September to 14. November 2021
Solo exhibition at Kunstverein Springhornhof
07 July 2021 — Alexandra Leykauf
Alexandra Leykauf finds the "other" in classical landscape paintings: hidden faces, bodies, pairs of eyes, which she brings out by means of enlargements, re-colouring, rotation and perspective shifting. In nature, we encounter this perceptual phenomenon of "pareidolia" whenever we think we recognise a face in a cloud formation or a figure in a tree trunk. Our ability to recognise ourselves in other people, but also in animals and nature, is the basis for empathy. While "anthropomorphisation" is seen as unscientific and therefore something to be avoided, Leykauf would argue that the objectification of the non-human world got us into the mess we are in today. (Excerpt from the press text)
Sunny Legs. Maria Zahle+Tillmann Terbuyken at Frise Künstlerhaus, Hamburg
18 September 2021 — Tillmann Terbuyken
"Sunny Legs" found its title through a game of "cadavres exquis" – where the two artists sent adjectives and nouns simultaneously via text to each other. The exhibition will contain new works by both, Maria Zahle and Tillmann Terbuyken, as well as collaborative works made during Zahle's short residency at Frise Künstlerhaus.

On view Saturday, 18. September and Sunday, 19. September 2021.
Context Colour
Group exhibition at Polarraum in Hamburg
21 June 2021 — Tillmann Terbuyken
The project Context Colour, curated by Elisabeth Sonneck & Heike Kelter shows "colour" as a subject and a sujet of contemporary art. In the diffuse field of a phenomenon that pervades not only art but also the entire extra-artistic everyday life, Context Colour presents artistic positions of Wolfgang Ganter, Julia Gruner, Heike Kelter, Paul Schwer, David Semper, Elisabeth Sonneck and Tillmann Terbuyken in which "colour" is the main conceptual actor. In accordance with the plurality of current art production, Context Colour does not want to set up a thesis on the current manifestation of "colour", but to open up a field for differentiated observations and discoveries on the basis of the diversity of the selected positions. Exhibition: 26. June – 31. July 2021
Window Shopping at Kunstverein Siegen
03 January 2021 — Alexandra Leykauf
Alexandra Leykauf's and Eva Berendes' two-person exhibition Window Shopping at Kunstverein Siegen (D), curated by Jennifer Cierlitza, is on view until July 17, 2021.
New catalogue: Totenklage
18 May 2021 — Michaela Meise
It is great to see Michaela Meise's new catalogue Totenklage, published on the occasion of her double exhibition project Totenklage (2020) and Works on paper (2021) at Städtische Galerie Nordhorn!

With texts by Tobi Müller and Misal Adnan Yıldız and designed by HIT / Lina Grumm and Annette Lux!
Edited by Thomas Niemeyer for Städtische Galerie Nordhorn and published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther und Franz König.
Cabinet at Galerie im Marstall Ahrensburg (G)
09 December 2020 — Tillmann Terbuyken
Tillmann Terbuyken's solo exhibition Cabinet at Galerie im Marstall Ahrensburg (D) takes place from March 21 through May 9, 2021.
New Artist Edition: Cabinet
19 April 2021 — Tillmann Terbuyken
On the occasion of his solo exhibition at Galerie im Marstall Ahrensburg, Tillmann Terbuyken published an artist book (edition of 30) including a text by Lily Wittenburg and with contributions from the collections of Jochen Lempert, Axel Heil / fluid archives and Dirk Meinzer.

Published by The Books The Books, Hamburg.
Works on paper at Städtische Galerie Nordhorn
09 March 2021 — Michaela Meise
Michaela Meise received the award "Kunstpreis der Stadt Nordhorn 2019". The accompanying solo exhibition took place at Städtische Galerie Nordhorn in two parts, "Totenklage" (2020) and "Works on paper" (2021).

"Works on paper" includes a selection of 21 works on paper realised between 2002 and 2020.

9. March – 2. May 2021
Review: Both Sides Now
09 December 2020 — Alexandra Leykauf
Étienne Hatt on Alexandra Leykauf's solo exhibition Both Sides Now at Villa du Parc–Centre d'art contemporain in Annemasse (F) at artpress (Print), published on December 9, 2020.
Review: Guten Tag
01 February 2020 — Michaela Meise
Kristian Vistrup Madsen on Michaela Meise's solo exhibition Guten Tag at Artforum International (Print), published on February 1, 2020.
Totenklage at Städtische Galerie Nordhorn
14 June 2020 — Michaela Meise
Michaela Meise received the award "Kunstpreis der Stadt Nordhorn 2019". The accompanying solo exhibition took place at Städtische Galerie Nordhorn in two parts, "Totenklage" (2020) and "Works on paper" (2021).

"Totenklage" presents a music video of the song "Cemalim", originally by Turkish musician Erkin Koray and performed by Michaela Meise to honor the victims of the racist murder in Hanau 2020.

14. June – 24. July 2020
Critics' Picks on Ilse Henin's exhibition Weiss wie Schnee
03 May 2019 — Ilse Henin
Astrid Mania on Ilse Henin's solo exhibition Weiss wie Schnee at Artforum International Critics' Picks, published online on 3. May 2019.