09 December 2020 — Tillmann Terbuyken
Tillmann Terbuyken's solo exhibition Cabinet at Galerie im Marstall Ahrensburg (D) takes place from March 21 through May 9, 2021.
Window Shopping
03 January 2021 — Alexandra Leykauf
Alexandra Leykauf's and Eva Berendes' two-person exhibition Window Shopping at Kunstverein Siegen (D), curated by Jennifer Cierlitza, is postponed until further notice!

We keep you updated about the new exhibition date.
Kunstpreis der Stadt Nordhorn
09 December 2020 — Michaela Meise
The second part of Michaela Meise's solo exhibition on the occasion of Kunstpreis der Stadt Nordhorn at Städtische Galerie Nordhorn (D), is postponed to January 2021.

Postponed until further notice! We keep you updated about the new exhibition date.
ANNEMASSE Alexandra Leykauf
09 December 2020 — Alexandra Leykauf
*Étienne Hatt on Alexandra Leykauf's solo exhibition Both Sides Now at Villa du Parc–Centre d'art contemporain in Annemasse (F) at artpress (Print)
Published on December 9, 2020: Review artpress (PDF)
Guten Tag at Artforum International
01 February 2020 — Michaela Meise
*Kristian Vistrup Madsen on Michaela Meise's solo exhibition Guten Tag at Artforum International (Print).
Published on February 1, 2020
New Artist Edition "Cabinet"
19 April 2021 — Tillmann Terbuyken
On the occasion of his solo exhibition at Galerie im Marstall Ahrensburg, Tillmann Terbuyken published an artist book (edition of 30) including a text by Lily Wittenburg and with contributions from the collections of Jochen Lempert, Axel Heil / fluid archives and Dirk Meinzer.

Published by The Books The Books, Hamburg.