Sunny Legs. Maria Zahle+Tillmann Terbuyken at Frise Künstlerhaus, Hamburg
18 September 2021 — Tillmann Terbuyken
"Sunny Legs" found its title through a game of "cadavres exquis" – where the two artists sent adjectives and nouns simultaneously via text to each other. The exhibition will contain new works by both, Maria Zahle and Tillmann Terbuyken, as well as collaborative works made during Zahle's short residency at Frise Künstlerhaus.

On view Saturday, 18. September and Sunday, 19. September 2021.
Group exhibition: Wir stolperten den Hügel hinab und begegneten einer Form at Kunstverein Langenhagen
26 August 2021 — Lily Wittenburg
In mixed roles and varying degrees with
Heinrich Dietz, Michael Dobrindt, Henri Michaux, Sybil Montet, Alessandro Pignocchi, Theresa Rößler, Lea Schürmann, Sebastian Stein, Lily Wittenburg and others.

Exhibition: 1. September to 14. November 2021
Solo Exhibition Waiting for the sun at Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art
16 July 2021 — Hilla Toony Navok
Hilla Toony Navok is the recipient of the 2020 Discount Artistic Encouragement Award at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art.

On this occasion the museum presents the solo exhibition Waiting for the sun with new works of the artist, curated by Aya Lurie.

Exhibition: 31. July – 20. November 2021
Video Portrait on Hilla Toony Navok
19 July 2021 — Hilla Toony Navok
This short film about Hilla Toony Navok, a multi-disciplinary artist, was commissioned by Fireflies Project, an initiative by Vered Gadish, to represent young artists, and expand the influence, accessibility, and presence of regional art in the broader global community.

Navok traces degraded forms of high modernism and abstraction in popular consumer products. Grounding such items in abstract forms, she questions and complicates their given functions. At the same time, her playful sculptural use of vernacular materials problematizes the very notion of display. The language of design serves her in questioning our relationship to order as well as to our own bodies.

Navok’s approach to her source-materials is informed by ambivalence: she is simultaneously critical and empathetic, attracted and repulsed, playful and melancholic, analytical and intuitive. Embodying these contradictions, her works are both monumental and fragile, performative and sculptural, two- and three-dimensional.

Produced by Sternthal Books. Edited + Directed by Ian Sternthal, 2020.
Solo exhibition at Kunstverein Springhornhof
07 July 2021 — Alexandra Leykauf
Alexandra Leykauf finds the "other" in classical landscape paintings: hidden faces, bodies, pairs of eyes, which she brings out by means of enlargements, re-colouring, rotation and perspective shifting. In nature, we encounter this perceptual phenomenon of "pareidolia" whenever we think we recognise a face in a cloud formation or a figure in a tree trunk. Our ability to recognise ourselves in other people, but also in animals and nature, is the basis for empathy. While "anthropomorphisation" is seen as unscientific and therefore something to be avoided, Leykauf would argue that the objectification of the non-human world got us into the mess we are in today. (Excerpt from the press text)
Daniel Laufer shows his installation "Redux" at Chai OF – Jüdisches Kulturfestival Offenbach
02 July 2021 — Daniel Laufer
Daniel Laufer's installation Redux is part of "Chai OF", a festival for Jewish culture in Offenbach/Main.

The festival takes place from 22.–23. July 2021 at several locations in the city center of Offenbach.
Context Colour
Group exhibition at Polarraum in Hamburg
21 June 2021 — Tillmann Terbuyken
The project Context Colour shows "colour" as a subject and a sujet of contemporary art. In the diffuse field of a phenomenon that pervades not only art but also the entire extra-artistic everyday life, Context Colour presents artistic positions in which "colour" is the main conceptual actor. In accordance with the plurality of current art production, Context Colour does not want to set up a thesis on the current manifestation of "colour", but to open up a field for differentiated observations and discoveries on the basis of the diversity of the selected positions.

Exhibition: 26. June – 31. July 2021

Curated by: Elisabeth Sonneck & Heike Kelter

Artists: Wolfgang Ganter, Julia Gruner, Heike Kelter, Paul Schwer, David Semper, Elisabeth Sonneck, Tillmann Terbuyken
Window Shopping at Kunstverein Siegen
03 January 2021 — Alexandra Leykauf
Alexandra Leykauf's and Eva Berendes' two-person exhibition Window Shopping at Kunstverein Siegen (D), curated by Jennifer Cierlitza, is on view until July 17, 2021.
New catalogue: Totenklage
18 May 2021 — Michaela Meise
It is great to see Michaela Meise's new catalogue Totenklage, published on the occasion of her double exhibition project Totenklage (2020) and Works on paper (2021) at Städtische Galerie Nordhorn!

With texts by Tobi Müller and Misal Adnan Yıldız and designed by HIT / Lina Grumm and Annette Lux!
Edited by Thomas Niemeyer for Städtische Galerie Nordhorn and published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther und Franz König.
Cabinet at Galerie im Marstall Ahrensburg (G)
09 December 2020 — Tillmann Terbuyken
Tillmann Terbuyken's solo exhibition Cabinet at Galerie im Marstall Ahrensburg (D) takes place from March 21 through May 9, 2021.
New Artist Edition: Cabinet
19 April 2021 — Tillmann Terbuyken
On the occasion of his solo exhibition at Galerie im Marstall Ahrensburg, Tillmann Terbuyken published an artist book (edition of 30) including a text by Lily Wittenburg and with contributions from the collections of Jochen Lempert, Axel Heil / fluid archives and Dirk Meinzer.

Published by The Books The Books, Hamburg.
Works on paper at Städtische Galerie Nordhorn
09 March 2021 — Michaela Meise
Michaela Meise received the award "Kunstpreis der Stadt Nordhorn 2019". The accompanying solo exhibition took place at Städtische Galerie Nordhorn in two parts, "Totenklage" (2020) and "Works on paper" (2021).

"Works on paper" includes a selection of 21 works on paper realised between 2002 and 2020.

9. March – 2. May 2021
Review: Both Sides Now
09 December 2020 — Alexandra Leykauf
Étienne Hatt on Alexandra Leykauf's solo exhibition Both Sides Now at Villa du Parc–Centre d'art contemporain in Annemasse (F) at artpress (Print), published on December 9, 2020.
Review: Guten Tag
01 February 2020 — Michaela Meise
Kristian Vistrup Madsen on Michaela Meise's solo exhibition Guten Tag at Artforum International (Print), published on February 1, 2020.
Totenklage at Städtische Galerie Nordhorn
14 June 2020 — Michaela Meise
Michaela Meise received the award "Kunstpreis der Stadt Nordhorn 2019". The accompanying solo exhibition took place at Städtische Galerie Nordhorn in two parts, "Totenklage" (2020) and "Works on paper" (2021).

"Totenklage" presents a music video of the song "Cemalim", originally by Turkish musician Erkin Koray and performed by Michaela Meise to honor the victims of the racist murder in Hanau 2020.

14. June – 24. July 2020